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What Ages Me Most

Sitting here contemplating “what ages me most.” I’m so grateful to have advertisers to clarify this for me! Otherwise, in my appalling ignorance, I would hardly have given a thought to something I so innocently called freckles. Can you imagine?! I would never have known to be embarrassed by an extra “freckle” or two. I might even have gone so far astray as to think of them as youthful! How glad I am to have been set straight.

 Isn’t it wonderful that we have these multi-million or even multi-billion dollar companies to educate us on these things? And not only that, but they are so generous as to create products we can buy to fix these problems! I’m truly overwhelmed. Of course I will spend my hard earned money to avoid things that age me most and support these magnanimous companies.

 One thing is odd though. It seems that almost daily there is new “breakthrough research” that informs us that something different is the main culprit making us look less than youthful. I was so certain it was these “age spots,” but now I see that the latest research says it’s my less than blinding white teeth that age me most. Thankfully there are products I can buy to address this as well.

 Geez, who knew there could be so much breakthrough in research and so many products created to solve this terrible aging problem?


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