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I was thinking about vacation recently and what makes them so utterly wonderful. I don’t mean fabulous scenery that you don’t have at home, etc. I mean, even the days that have no specifically wonderful activities. For me I think it really does have to do with being completely “in the moment.” The vacations that have been stellar for me as an adult are the ones where I have been fully present in whatever I am doing. I have not been thinking one minute what I am going to do the next minute or hour, or in the next day. I am not fretting about all the laundry I will have to do as soon as I return home. I have not been giving away my Time thinking about the project I’m managing at work. I have been Present, whether site-seeing, walking on the beach, dining or even sitting still “doing” nothing.

I am hardly ever like this at home. If you’ve read practically any other post on this blog, you know the difficulty I have with Time. I have the unpleasant suspicion that this fully-presentness is much, if not all, of my Time problem. I constantly think about the next thing, or all the other possible things and about how I won’t be able to get to them all. On the rare occasions when I manage to be fully present, or nearly so, I more often than not have what I call a time-extended day. A day in which it seems many more hours are available to me than logic says should be.

And so, it seems the solution is simple, huh? Pay full attention to what I’m doing at any given moment. Do any of you find this easy? Not I! But then, if it’s easy, then there’s not an opportunity for growth, is there? And don’t we all love those AFGOs?! Another Freaking Growth Opportunity! 🙂

Ah well… It’s interesting to me to see how many of my own answers so easily come out when I start writing. If I could only implement as quickly and easily as I can troublshoot, I’d be… I was going to say Evolved, but maybe I’d be dead. Because if all your personal growth is complete, isn’t your purpose fulfilled? One of my all-time favorite authors, Richard Bach, said, ”here’s a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t”. So, I guess it’s time I went on learning, growing and living!


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