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I would like to know the person I would be in one year if I did not have to worry about an income and could spend all my time pursuing a spiritual path and creative endeavors. If my current income could still flow in, but I didn’t have to go to a job, or worry about how I could generate income, what could I become in just one year? I want this opportunity. I have no idea how that can come about (other than winning a lottery), but I am sending the request out to the Universe.

It I was allowed, or it was my “job”, to follow my inner promptings each minute of each day, what would that feel like? If I was not expected to have an income producing business started or a fantastic plan in place on day 366, how would I live the preceding 365? To be quite honest, it would not be a cake walk for me, at least not initially. I can even now feel a compulsion to figure out how to make an income after my year was over. That would probably be my biggest challenge.

But, oh, how I would love to experience that woman becomming! How I would love to dance or paint or meditate or sew or play a musical instrument at 10am on a Tuesday! How I would love to read all the way through the many books I’m trying to simultaneously read at the moment. How I would love to have the experience of not having any reason to stress over income or job.

I feel an incredible excitement to discover who that woman would become, to experience that path, to see if I really were different in a year, or if not much at all had changed about me. I am talking about a simple replacement of my current income. I do not want to travel around the world or anything radical or extravagant. I am not talking about leaving my current life and living in an Ashram in India. My primary interest is to discover what Me I would be with the the pressure of making an income removed and the time a job takes gifted back.

I am letting it be known to the Universe, my Higher Power and all who read this that I am asking for this opportunity. I am ready to be delighted at the amazing ways the Universe brings things to us when we are clear in our intent, believe and are open to receive.


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