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I was still taking a shower every morning with someone nearby in case I were to fall, etc. I always took my shower immediately after getting up and before I took any meds. They shower, drying hair and getting dressed would wear me out to the point that I would be shaking all over. I would get something to eat and take a pain pill. Usually after I ate, I would need to lie down for awhile, maybe nap a little. After that, up and walk, outside if weather was nice. If not, I would walk monotonously around my house for at least 15 mins w/o stopping.

My big accomplishment for Post Op Day 4 (Friday after surgery on Monday) was to go out in the car! My mom drove. I took a pillow to put behind my back. It took some engineering to figure out how I could manuver into the seat w/o bending or twisting. Finally we figured that one out. My back was still way too sore to touch the seat back, so I had the softest pillow ever and put that behind me trying to leave a gap at my lower back where the incision was. We only drove about 4 miles to Burger King and went through the drive thru. We ate in the car and came back home. I was totally exhausted by then. I got out of the car and walked a little to try to ease tense muscles, then went to take a nap! 🙂

It felt for that first week after surgery that all I did was get up, shower, eat, take meds, take nap, get up, walk, take nap, walk, eat, go to bed. I could not lay on my back still. It was way too sore and painful. so, I couldn’t easily watch TV or even read. The days and nights seemed one endless string of the same things. It was getting old by this point!

(Disclaimer: These are my observations about my surgery and recovery only. I am not a medical professional. I do not in any way intend for these observations to be used as medical advice or guidance. Please discuss with your physicians any questions, concerns, etc you may have.)


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