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I was incredibly impressed with both my surgeon and the anesthesiologist. The surgeon called me with the results of the myelogram. He said he did not feel there was any need for fusion, just laminectomy/discectomy. He spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me answering all the questions I had about the surgery and recovery, which I had been writing down since the first day I met with him, pre-myelogram. He explained exactly what the surgery was and covered all my questions to my satisfaction. I talked to him about exactly how freaked out and nervous I was about surgery in general. I asked how we could manage my anxiety the day of surgery. He offered that I be his first surgery of whatever day we scheduled. I jumped on that! He told me I would hear from the anesthesiologist and meet some of the nursing staff at pre-op. He also said if I thought of other questions, to call. I called his office the next morning and scheduled surgery for the following Monday (first surgery of the day

I was given the anesthesiologist’s email address and was told he was expecting me to contact him. I emailed him with my fears and questions regarding the IV, anxiety meds to get me through from that time the IV was in till I was taken to surgery and pain meds. The anesthesiologist called me that afternoon. We spent no less than 45 mins on the phone. I am a very hard “stick.” It’s hard to get blood from me, it makes a black bruised mess and IVs are worse. I knew there was a topical cream that could be put on the skin to numb it before the IV was even started. I requested this. I also told him he would have to have anxiety meds ready to start the minute the IV was in because I would be on the verge of a screaming, flaming panic attack. He gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to email or call him with any questions or concerns I might think of. I did! I emailed him no less than 8 times, and he responded every time. He also called me the Friday evening before my Monday surgery and went over everything with me again. He was very specific on exactly what would happen from the minute I arrived at he surgery center till I got back to my room after surgery. He had also called in the EMLA cream for me to apply to back of my hands prior to arriving so they would be numb when he started IV.

What physicians spend this much time talking to a patient outside of office visits? Very high marks on that

(Disclaimer: These are my observations about my surgery and recovery only. I am not a medical professional. I do not in any way intend for these observations to be used as medical advice or guidance. Please discuss with your physicians any questions, concerns, etc you may have.)


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